• Yashica LM, TLR Camera

    Yashica TLR Cameras

    The newly named Yashica started producing their own unique Twin Lens Reflex cameras in October of 1954.

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  • Yashica Rangefinders

    Announced in 1956, Yashica introduced their first 35mm format camera in 1957, simply known as the Yashica 35... a fixed-lens rangefinder.

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    Yashica 35 Rangefinder
  • Yashica 8E-III, 8mm Movie Camera

    8MM Movie Gear

    Prior to their entry into the 35mm arena, Yashica introduced a series of 8mm consumer Movie cameras.

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  • Yashica SLR Systems

    Following their entry into 35mm cameras with a series of rangefinders, Yashica releases their first SLR's. in 1960.

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    Yashica J-3, SLR Camera
  • Zeiss Contax RX, SLR Camera

    Contax / Yashica

    Yashica joins forces with Carl Zeiss AG of Germany in 1973, to introduce a re-envisioned Contax Brand of cameras, lenses, and accessories.

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  • Beyond the Cameras

    From lines of accessories, to world-class lenses, to specialised medical devices, Yashica provided more than just cameras.

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    Yashica 3x27 Arena Glasses

Yashica Co. Ltd., from 1949 to 2015

Beginning as a small company of 8 people making electric clock parts, Yashima Seiki Co., LTD would later transform itself into an international corporation and a pioneer of electronic innovations that would help to shape the photographic equipment industry.

Expanding on their start as a precision parts manufacturer, Yashima Seiki changed their direction when they begin to engineer and build Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras under contract for Endō Photographic Supplies, and would later create their own camera line to be marketed and sold under the newly renamed company's Yashica brand.

This site attempts to highlight many of the products and achievements reached by the company during their 66 year history, as it navigated through it's partnerships, financial and organizational fluctuations, and corporate ownership changes.